Digital Product U65070

for BA Publishing Media

Level 6 double Honours Component module at Oxford Brookes University and runs from January 31 2012 to May 11 2012

This module investigates the practical aspects of constructing a digital product. The current state of digital publishing and likely future developments are reviewed in a variety of publishing arenas. The initiation, design and production of an enhanced eBook distributed on the web are covered. Workshops enable students to further their practical ICT skills in the publication of a product from learning covered in earlier modules.


Assignment 1.

Markup one poem with HTML and style with CSS
The objective here is to build a semantic structure for the HTML markup of one single poem from your choice of the anthology delivered in week 3. This will then become a template for the complete eBook. The assignment simply requires the delivery of one single file. The CSS will be included in the head of the file. The page will be marked up using XHTML 1.1

Assignment 2.

An image for the cover of the eBook
Using Photoshop, you will create a cover image bearing the following points in mind:

  • The vertical format cover needs to be 800x600 pixels in 150dpi
  • The title should be clear enough to be read as a small thumbnail image.
  • You must store as a Photoshop file with all layers.
  • Name the file with your student number like this: ‘123456cover.psd’ and email to the module leader. (no spaces in the file name).

Assignment 3.

The eBook delivered as an ePUB file
A number of tools will be used to create this eBook. Here are the basic steps that we will use:

  • Poems obtained from public domain sources, extracted and combined into one text document. Sources will need to be credited, so pay attention to where these texts were found.
  • Other content sourced; examples: image of poet(s), possible illustrations, relevant links etc.
  • Check that the ePUB file validates.
  • Put the ePUB file and all other files on a CDROM.

The eBook must include a colophon page which explains how the work was created and the source(s) of the text and images. This same information must be available in the METADATA for the book. A colophon is an inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication. The Colophon page should also show on the Table of Contents.

Assignment 4.

A report of no less than 1200 word in PDF format. Please include an interactive table of contents in this document and include the following:

  • Your consideration on the ePUB format and what it means for publishers now and in the future.
  • Illustrate this document with an image of the eBook (cover, screenshot etc)
  • A narrative on your work on the eBook
  • Workflow instructions for someone to repeat the process when adding to the ePoetry series.


A CDROM to include the following must be delivered to the department (a slot will be made available):

  • A 'readme' file, that explains the contents of the CD-ROM. Any issues or bugs in the eBook should be noted in here)
  • The InDesign Files (Packaged)
  • The original text of the poetry eBook
  • The ePUB format book
  • The report of no less than 1200 word in PDF format.

Course Programme and Calendar

This course takes place on Tuesdays 10.00pm to 4.30pm weeks 1 to 12 Please note Easter Break - 02 to 16 April. The lectures and workshops will take place in the IT Suite for Publishing in the Tonge Building.

Handbook (PDF) with further details available here

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Introduction to Digital Product module

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The Basics of HTML

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Applying style to HTML with style sheets

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The different eBook formats

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Book Covers

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The Tools for Making ePUB

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Typography for eBooks

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Structuring the eBook and exporting to ePUB

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To the London Book Fair

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Modifying the ePUB ebook

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Surgery Session to help with the eBook