The tangled toolchain" /> PagetoScreen - Footnotes in Fixed Layout ePUB PagetoScreen - Spacing my Guillemets PagetoScreen - Roundtripping InDesign and ePub re-flowable PagetoScreen - Oh! Please Avoid Those Page Breaks After PagetoScreen - Small Caps in Headings, Titles and Proper Nouns. PagetoScreen - Page Numbers and Progress Bar PagetoScreen - Add a unique Class Name to the Body Tag in your ePub Chapters PagetoScreen - InDesign CC for print and ePub from the Same File? PagetoScreen - Skeuomorphic eBooks - do you miss them? PagetoScreen - Non-Linear Content in Fixed-Layout ePub PagetoScreen - Balancing Long Lines in Headings PagetoScreen - Hello, I’m hosted with a new ISP PagetoScreen - eBook Typography at the London Book Fair 2013 PagetoScreen - Embedding Fonts in eBooks PagetoScreen - High Five for Hyphens PagetoScreen - Character names in a re-fowable Shakespeare Play PagetoScreen - Find / Change in InDesign PagetoScreen - Page Breaking in the eBook PagetoScreen - Please don’t Justify me! PagetoScreen - iBooks3 - spotting some differences PagetoScreen - InDesign experts; Re-Learn InDesign to make eBooks PagetoScreen - Using CODA to edit ePUBs PagetoScreen - eBook Typography - a couple of tweaks PagetoScreen - eBook Typography is in the iBooks Store PagetoScreen - Font Formats for iPad eBooks PagetoScreen - eBooks on iPad - Space available for the content PagetoScreen - The play’s the thing PagetoScreen - From iWeb to Weebly PagetoScreen - ePUB3 Special Effects PagetoScreen - Flowable eBooks: My book on Typography in progress PagetoScreen - Readium testing PagetoScreen - eBook Typography. I’m working on it. PagetoScreen - My ‘Creating eBooks’ seminar at the London Book Fair 2012 PagetoScreen - The Missing Semi-Colon PagetoScreen - Hidden Characters PagetoScreen - Using Dreamweaver to Edit ePUB eBooks PagetoScreen - eBooks or APPS; the publishing choice PagetoScreen - Using BBEdit for ePUB PagetoScreen - HTML5 Validation and the rel tag PagetoScreen - Dear Adobe, why did you drop PDFXML Inspector? PagetoScreen - InDesign to ePUB Problems: Some symptoms and their remedies PagetoScreen - Using Google Fonts PagetoScreen - Using PIE to deliver CSS3 PagetoScreen - I am using HTML5 therefore I am PagetoScreen - iBooks ePUBS now keeps Navigation History PagetoScreen - Adventures with the now Famous HTML5 PagetoScreen - Screencasts are up on iTunes PagetoScreen - If books are part of the web PagetoScreen - Rethinking the Publishing Company PagetoScreen - Adobe Releases Its Own HTML5 Video Player PagetoScreen - O’Reilly Ebook Bundles now include DAISY Talking Book Format PagetoScreen - A Drag-n-Drop App for ePub Files PagetoScreen - How iPad Usage is Shaping Up PagetoScreen - iPad grows in online e-book community PagetoScreen - Oxford English Dictionary ‘will not be printed again’ PagetoScreen - iFactory: Oxford University Press Chooses PubFactory to Develop Oxford English Dictionary PagetoScreen - Why Metadata Matters for the Future of E-Books PagetoScreen - Adobe Digital Magazine Solution Coming in Late Summer PagetoScreen - Flash and the HTML5 tag PagetoScreen - Do It Yourself eBooks PagetoScreen - Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack Released PagetoScreen - eBook Indexes & User Interface Features PagetoScreen - First look: Safari 5’s extensions PagetoScreen - Book design is not ebook design PagetoScreen - Create EPUB eBooks with Adobe InDesign PagetoScreen - The iPad needs its HyperCard PagetoScreen - Apple Rolls Out iBooks Feature Page (Eric Slivka/MacRumors) PagetoScreen - E-Book Giveaways Correlate to Higher Print Sales PagetoScreen - New Tool for Rewriting E-Textbooks PagetoScreen - The Wired Tablet App: A Video Demonstration PagetoScreen - AAUP members: ebook output formats PagetoScreen - Javascript ePub Readers PagetoScreen - Applying Mathematics To Web Design PagetoScreen - How to Create ePub Files for Free PagetoScreen - Make Your eReader Look Like a Real Book PagetoScreen - HarperCollins to Sell Enhanced Ebooks for New Apple Tablet PagetoScreen - Apple And eBooks: A Horror Story PagetoScreen - Textbook Firms Ink E-Deals For iPad (Wall Street Journal) PagetoScreen - What Are Enhanced Ebooks? PagetoScreen - Gallery: E-Readers Push Boundaries of Books PagetoScreen - Power Web Site PagetoScreen - eBook appliances at Foyles in London PagetoScreen - University Trial implies that the Kindle is useless PagetoScreen - Vodafone enters UK iPhone market PagetoScreen - Adobe Flash Catalyst Now Available on Labs PagetoScreen - Facebook Now the Internet’s Ultimate Time Waster PagetoScreen - Rumor: Barnes and Noble eReader Coming Soon? Could It Be Called the BNindle? PagetoScreen - World’s first colour e-book reader PagetoScreen - Major Book Publishers Start Turning To Scribd PagetoScreen - Norwegian Websites Declare War On IE 6 PagetoScreen - Announcing the Open Library PagetoScreen - Digital Da Vinci Codes: Thousands of Leonardo’s Papers Go Online PagetoScreen - Current Mashup and API Trends PagetoScreen - Want to be part of a collaborative authored project?  Penguin is asking for you. PagetoScreen - Reuters Issues Guidelines on Photoshop Use PagetoScreen - UK Government to shut 551 websites PagetoScreen - Adobe Photoshop CS3 Released on Labs PagetoScreen - Flipping Hannibal Pages

From Print Book to eBook

Image for From Print Book to eBook

From Print Book to eBook:

Image for From Print Book to eBook
Image for From Print Book to eBook

Portrait View Table of Contents

Design & production techniques where both pBook and eBook are required

Here at last

The eBook uses the example of a Shakespeare Play with introductory text and images as well as some sample multimedia. The sample eBook is built 3 ways; as a Reflowable ePUB, a Fixed-Layout ePUB and a multi-touch eBook using iBooks Author.

Available in the iBookstore


Here is a chapter and section list:

  • Introduction to eBook Design and Production
    • Why this Book
    • Decisions Decisions
    • eBook Formats
    • Platforms and Distribution
  • Asset Management
    • Managing Your Assets
    • Text
    • Graphics
    • Multimedia
  • Tools and Workflows
    • Indesign
    • Text Editors
    • XML Workflow
  • Text to InDesign
    • Raw or Styled Text
    • Structure before Style
    • Text within InDesign
  • Using the Book Panel in InDesign
    • Combining InDesign Files
    • Creating the Book
    • Pages and Spreads
  • Building the Table of Contents
    • Automating the TOC
    • Cross Platform Table of Contents
  • Attention to Detail
    • Typography
    • Poetry, Verse and Song
    • Grids
    • Threads and Columns
  • Creating a Reflowable eBook from InDesign
    • Introduction
    • The Content
    • Back to Work
    • Colour
    • Paragraph and Character Styles
    • Placing Images
    • Book Front Matter
    • Getting Ready to Export
    • Export to ePUB(reflowable)
    • How does the ePUB Look?
  • Editing the Inside of the ePUB
    • Unpacking
    • Repacking
    • How Can we Edit?
    • What Can we Edit?
    • Our First Correction
    • Test and View Our Changes
    • Roundtrip to InDesign
    • Other Changes to the CSS
    • Anything to Hide?
    • Footnote References
    • Typography and Fonts (Again)
    • The OPF Package Document
    • Landmarks
  • Creating the Fixed Layout ePUB
  • The Alternative - iBooks Author
  • Multimedia and Interactivity

Lots of screen images, samples and narrated video screencasts.


Posted on 31 Mar around 7am