It’s New, it’s here and it’s built with Jekyll

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This web site is becomeing a legacy web site. Why?

I am rebuilding and re-booting by moving to a web site over here. This new site is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages.


The whole story is here.

Over the last many years (I lost count) I have run web sites using a content management system (usually ExpressionEngine). This one you are reading, right now, uses a PHP framework with a MySQL database behind the scenes. The content is entered throug a web interface with wyiwyg like editor controls so that text can be styles with bold and italics etc. Great. But these systems need to be updated regularly (patches and hacks - you know). Web servers need to be kept fresh with the correct PHP etc.

Markdown and Jekyll and GitHub Pages

I know it all sounds very geeky, but actually it really is very simple and you can read all about it here.

Posted on 19 May around 9am