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Image for eBook Typography at the London Book Fair 2013

Infographic of the Talk

eBook Typography at the London Book Fair 2013

My talk during the 'Love Learning' Seminars at the London Book Fair 2013, had a large audience. If any of you are reading this - apologies that I over-ran my time slot and skipped over a few slides towards the end!

So much to say on this topic - hard to fit into a 50 minite slot.

Note: I presented from a PDF inside the iBooks app on the iPad. Just sweeping through the slides but double-tapping to enlarge images within the pages. This seems a very visually rich way to present and being already inside the iBooks app means that we can demonstrate eBooks from the library easily. There is less control than with Keynote. I did use Keynote to create the presentation but then exported out to PDF.

I post here a PDF of the slides. Audio will be added when I can get round to editing this in a few days.


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Image for Please don’t Justify me!

The configuration setting for iBooks has Full-Justification switched on

Please don’t Justify me!

In the iBooks app on the iPad the user has control over the justification. Well, that is, by default justification is turned on. Users can turn that off - but they probably don't! ‘cos they don‘t know where to find it.

How can eBook designers get the kind of alignment they prefer, and make the eBook stay like that?

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Image for iBooks3 - spotting some differences

iBooks3 - spotting some differences

I have updated my eBook eBook Typography for Flowable eBooks, on the iBooks store.

The recent update to the iBooks app (this arrived the same time as the announcement for the iPad Mini), was causing a few oddities in the book. On investigating and experimenting, here is what I discovered.

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Image for Using CODA to edit ePUBs

Coda has a terminal window. Here we see validating an ePUB. Success!

Using CODA to edit ePUBs

I have used the MAC editor Coda from Panic for a while as my preferred web site and template editor. I have recently been using it to edit ePUB innards.

Coda normally expects that you are editing a site on a server, or at least transferring onto a server after editing locally, so the configuration for a 'site' may not seem initially appropriate for editing ePUBs. Nevertheless, setting up a local folder is straightforward. In fact, you can set this up to be the root of the complete ePUB, thereby giving you the potential to edit the various XML files (package files and TOC files).

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